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Thousand Pikes, LLC is a Type 1 FFL within the state of Virginia. This means that not only can we assist you with any equipment needs, but we can also offer a full suite of firearms procurement and gunsmithing services. In addition, we also provide regular training in firearms handling and advanced self-defense techniques, from introductory levels to advanced tactical training.

Some of our most common services are available on our Services Shop, but for other need, check out our offerings below!


Thousand Pikes, LLC is fully prepared to help you reach your security goals. Through our bespoke methodology, we will ensure that you obtain a suite of equipment that fills your specific needs. We have designed our process to support any from the most discerning to those who are only just discovering the need for personal protective equipment.

To get started, please contact us here.

Handgun and  Ammunition


Thousand Pikes believes that proper training and skills are more important than any equipment, and we contract with a number of medical, crisis-response, marksmanship, tactical instructors, and experts in many other fields in order to provide top quality training. We believe that well rounded training will provide you with the ability to properly use all of the equipment at your disposal.

To learn more about our courses, please contact us here.



Thousand Pikes is dedicated to a full range of services for our clientele. Our artisans and certified gunsmiths are capable of taking a range of requests for customization and modification of equipment to your exacting specifications; such as laser marking, etching, engraving, and custom part fabrication.

To inquire about custom work, please contact us here.



In increasingly uncertain times it can be unrealistic to handle all manner of threats yourself. Thousand Pikes enlists a diverse roster to satisfy a full range of potential needs. From emergency medical needs to logistical coordination to protective detail, Thousand Pikes can satisfy any personnel requirements you or your organization may have.

To inquire about personnel requirements, please contact us here.

Firearms & Equipment
Gunsmithing & Customization
Personnel Services
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