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Shooting Target

"If you have the means at hand, you have the responsibility to act. "


Thousand Pikes was created in response to a growing interest among people traditionally unfamiliar with personal security to gain the ability to protect themselves. To satisfy this need we created a process to facilitate an individual's ability to protect themselves, a regime of gear, training, and support to satisfy a wide range of situations the modern American encounters.

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To provide an exceptional bespoke protective service to our clientele; to help the vulnerable become secure while maintaining high ethical and moral standards in both our supply chains and personal services.


Thousand Pikes is a worker-owned co-operative business based in Fairfax, VA, with personnel coming from a diverse set of backgrounds. We utilize our varied skill sets and experiences to generate an optimal solution for any needs our clientele may have.

Our dedication to a just, ethical society means every product we sell and every service we offer comes specifically vetted to insure that not only are you making yourself a more secure individual, but in doing so you are not sacrificing your beliefs or principles.

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