This Item is Presently on Pre-Order. Orders will be placed for fulfilment with PGD in the last week of September, and are expected to be delivered by middle October. Pre-orders receive a $50 discount off final price, and are guaranteed the sizing they desire. Orders placed after the pre-order period will be subject to stock availability on sizes.


All verified Frontline Mutual Aid Workers with known organizations can receive an additional $100 off the cost of their vest. Contact us for verification of your status to receive the relevant coupon code.

These vests easily conceal under any light jacket or overshirt, and are even rather difficult to detect under something as light as a polo or oversized t-shirt.


Each vest covers the entire thorax and upper half of the abdomen, including overlapping side protection.


These vests are European-made by Protection Group Danmark with American materials (Honeywell Gold Shield), and are rated to stop all NIJ IIIA threats (nearly any handgun-caliber threat) as well as 55J of puncture force (roughly equivilant to NIJ Level 2 Spike protection, which is sufficient to stop nearly any knife wielded in one or two hands by an assailant). The normally sell from PGD at around $650 USD.


The PGD-Delta vests weigh in at a bit under 4.5lbs and each and each side (front/back) of the vest is about 0.25" thick. The ballistic panels themselves weigh in at 2lbs each and are 0.19" thick. For comparison, here are the same measurements on popular market alternatives that offer comparable protection levels for both gunshots and stabs, as well as their prices at time of writing:

  • SafeLife Defense Multi-Threat Vest (Chinese Make, ~7.5lbs, 0.40" thick): $550
  • Velocity Systems Mayflower (US Make, ~5.5lbs, 0.26" thick): $750
  • Safeguard Armor Steath Vest (US Make, 5.5Lbs, 0.30" thick): $685
  • Caliber Armor CaliberX Covert (Chinese Make, 5.67lbs, 0.24" thick): $705


These vests are some of the lightest and most comfortable we have ever worn at this level of protection, and we think they are the optimal choice for the unique intersection of people that A) subsist on a working-class income and must provide their own equipment out of pocket and B) regularly deal with chaotic, mixed-threat environments such as protests, counter-protests, police actions, and more where threats can come at unexpected times and directions from knives, pistols, and improvised threats, all while needing to remain light, mobile, and discreet.

The size chart for these vests is as follows:

Size         Circumference at the waist

Small         60-70 cm / 23-28’’

Medium   70-80 cm/ 28-31’’

Large        80-90cm/ 32-35’’

XL              90-100cm/ 36-39’’

XXL           100-110cm/ 40-43’’

XXXL        110-120cm/ 44-47’’

PGD-Delta IIIA + 55J Soft Armor Vest

$600.00 Regular Price
$550.00Sale Price